It Is Never Tomorrow, 2008

It Is Never Tomorrow, 2008

The various mediums Thea Augustina Eck works in have at their core a search for an aesthetic of loss, for the disappearance of memory and landscape. Her practice, which includes sculpture, installation, and photography, finds a home in scouring archives for source materials: It's rooted in research, and memory and material investigation. Usually working in series, Eck's It is Never Tomorrow photography series finds inspiration from Gregory Crewdson's dreamlike landscapes while other work such as her 5-part installation series, in progress, ponders a famous historical narrative in sections similar to Robert Wilson's Station of the Cross. Eck likens her work to the recitation of a soliloquy, an inner lamenting call and response that is spoken aloud.

B. 1979 Pittsburgh, PA

BAFA: Alfred University's New York State School of Ceramics

MFA in Fine Arts: University of Michigan's School of Art & Design

Eck has had solo shows at galleries such as the 1708 Gallery (Richmond, VA), the UICA (Grand Rapids, MI), Cazenovia College (Cazenovia, NY), the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pittsburgh, PA) and the Arktisk Institut (Copenhagen, DK). Her work was shown in the Pittsburgh Biennial 2011. Eck was a research fellow through the American-Scandinavian Foundation in 2008-2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark and received an individual artist grant from the American Embassy in Denmark. Her studio in located in Ann Arbor, MI.