I'll meet you at the Cemetery gates / by Thea Augustina

Quite fitting with Friday's brooding weather, I went to Kensal Green Cemetery to visit a few old friends: Captain John Ross, Captain Edward Inglefield, Captain McCormick, and Captain McClure. And definitely not to forget, Lady Jane Franklin.

First stopping in at the small office, I got a plot map and a list of where they were each buried, thinking that in the midst of all the graves, that I would be able to find theirs.

This was not the case...

The only grave, even with a map in hand!, was Captain Ross's grave,

which was quite exquisite with an anchor and chain.

And Lady Jane's grave closed to the public in a mausoleum as I was told by one of the cemetery workers. But there were some other exquisite graves or tombs that I photographed, which sort of made up for the fact that I couldn't place my plastic red rose on her grave.

Yes, that is a sphinx on the right side...