Danish Crown Prince visits the Arctic Institute / by Thea Augustina

Last Tuesday the Arctic Institute hosted the Greenlandic Photography Contest winner presentation, which was co-sponsored with a Greenlandic and Danish newspaper.The Crown Prince Frederick attended to present the first prize to the winner who had been awarded a week long vacation in Copenhagen.

Yes, the Prince received a red carpet!

There was a 40 minute presentation with speeches from the Arctic Institute's director, the Representative from Greenland and Faroe Island. The 12 photos that won various other prizes were then shown. Finally the winning photograph was presented and the Prince handed over a nice bound book to the woman who won. She was given a week vacation in København along with (i think) a digital camera and money.

I got to play photographer for the event! That is the only reason why I was allowed to be there! Everyone else was either an 'esteemed guest', on the board of directors, was a photojournalist for the newspapers, or was part of the tour. Yeah Me!

He was then given a tour of the offices and talked with the document archivist and photo archivist. He seemed genuinely interested in what they were showing him and quite informal in talking with them. He was very charming and sincere.

The program ended with a casual reception back in the conference room.

And at the end when he was leaving, he went around and shook hands with everyone. So I got to shake hands with my first Prince!