Angalavaa: The Collections / by Thea Augustina

Collection: Objects of a particular form, things accumulated, group of objects meant to be kept together

One part of my Angalavaa series are the Collections: objects, letters, documents, commercials, etc found in the Arktisk Institut's archive. I photographed almost every item I looked at or translated.

The archive is organized by specific persons, both famous like Achton Friis or regular citizens who donated their family's personal archive, expeditions such as the Danmark Ekspeditionen, or organizations and government agencies such at the Royal Greenland Trade Company.

I tried to organize these photographed items into my own collections such as varde notes, or cairn notes, that were retrieved from cairns found mainly in Northwest to North to Northeast Greenland. And personal correspondences.

Maps and memorabilia and quirky things such as mosquitoes smashed inbetween two pages and water damaged papers.

More to follow in the coming days.