Ulluq: encountering the north / by Thea Augustina

My solo show at Cazenovia College in upstate New York opened today. The following are photos from the installation that includes a new sculpture piece and digital c-prints from the 'It Is Never Tomorrow' series.

There are 15 photographs and the sculpture piece is duck cloth, cotton rope, and dowel wood.

Nautical flags each stand for a letter of the alphabet as well as a phrases such as 'man over board' and 'fire onboard'. I used them here to spell out 'Oh death whare is thy sting', which was taken from a personal journal found by one of the John Franklin Expedition search parties out on the ice. The phrase was the final entry discovered next to numerous human bones. And yes, it is supposed to be 'whare' as this was an older form of English.

Jen Pepper, curator of the gallery and professor at Cazenovia college was wonderful to work with and has curated some very interesting, critical thinking shows for the past few years in the space. It has been a pleasure to work with her and her students in setting up this show.