The tyranny of distance / by Thea Augustina

Barry Lopez. Writer. And the ability to display the distance containing the intimacy of the middle ground once he has gifted us horizon and the minute.

Where are you from?
What do you do?
Why are you here?

Three questions posed to him during his extensive travels. And the need to place oneself where one originally did not belong. And the ability to recognize that they do not wish to be you as you do not wish to be them.

The crossing of two sand dunes that left a small dune in their passing, the table of a Yu'pik hunter, the energy of two rivers crossing a city in relationship to the cynicism bred in children when adults can't effectively communicate, and opening oneself to the vulnerability of living an intimate life with nature.

The role of the storyteller and creating patterns so that one recognizes them just as blindly as how all its pieces come together enabling it to become pattern.

Physic's entropy and how cultures recognize it, offering their own significant reactions. the navajo. the maori.

Nature offers us many types of chances at acknowledgment and disclosure- 40 foot waves off the coast of Falkland islands headed towards South Georgia.

The Drue Heinz Lecture series at the Carnegie Museum Hall..................

And when I turned and ran from god's sheet of fog and torrent rain unraveling towards me from the top of Mt. Washington on the Huntington Ravine trail.

And when faced with the Gjøa, Amundsen's ship, I wept.

I see a wooden sledge bearing 9 candles whose wicks are the leashes for 9 bells which carry a Greenlandic kirke.

A synonym for intimacy is confidence.