Amager Strandpark visit / by Thea Augustina

Today after I got out of the Arctic Institute I decided to bike to the beach. Looking at the map, it only looked like is was about 2 miles away. Maybe even less. So off I went! The bike paths in the city make life so much easier! I'm sold!

The beach is called Amager Strandpark and is actually a long skinny island with pedestrian bridges connecting it to the 'mainland', which is also an island....

I biked out to a little jut of land out from the main walk/bikeway. On the right you can kind of make out the bridge I biked across to get over to the 'beach' part.On the left is some sort of building for swimming I think. I couldn't really tell.

I found these! Shrimp tails in a glass jar! Of course!

I biked down the main path of the beach and parked my bike so that I could walk out close to the water. I sat there for some time watching a few sailboats and also a few huge ships go past

There were quite a few of these little jelly fish.

This is the view looking back towards town. There were quite a lot of people jogging or biking or taking walks with their families. Some people also were naked swimming.