Copenhagen Fall 2008 / by Thea Augustina

So I don't keep up with this blog much. But I will be writing again because I have returned to Copenhagen to the Arctic Institute where i was last summer for 4 days. I am here on an American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship along with funding from the Roth Endowment. I am living in Amager (south east section of Copenhagen) off of Amagerbrogade (the main street running down Amager) from now until end of December. I am doing more polar research but concentrating on the Danish in Greenland and eastern Arctic.

I have been here for 3 days and today (saturday) was an open gallery weekend in Copenhagen but I was unable to find many of the galleries that were listed. So I wandered the city, which wasn't so bad : ) The weather held off and it didn't rain like it was supposed to. I went from 90 degree weather in Ann Arbor to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Big difference! Especially with the sea breeze, it is so nice!

below are a few photos from my wanderings today and also where I will be working, along with a few curiosities. This city is so beautiful and interesting to look at. The people are just as interesting.

The Arctic Institute in Christianshavn

My desk is the one on the right in the front that is far...

The swimming pool in the canal at Islands Brygge which is the section next to Amager where I live.

Famous Magasin department store in Kongins Nytorv (a big plaza)

The old opera house and theatre in Kongens Nytorv

The new opera house along the canal

The Kunstindustrimuseet or rather the industrial design museum

A super hot & comfy chair by Donna & Bambino

Newspaper chair

What I call a 'sludge' chair by Gunnar Anderson

A group of chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen

I will continue posting things that I am seeing and also will discuss the research I am doing here. My aim is to create a few new bodies of work off of the research that I will do this fall, as well as to get better at my Danish!